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Visualizing Equations 2

Shader and Procedural Images for Technical Art.

Drawing with Polynomial, Power, and Trigonometric Functions.

Analyzing the Structure of Two-Dimensional SDF Shapes.

Understanding the Composition of Three-Dimensional SDF Shapes.

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✨Unlock the potential of shaders and ignite your imagination in Unity with Shader Functions for Technical Artists.✨

Dive into the realm of mathematical prowess for shader coding and elevate your creations to new heights. Starting with polynomial functions and culminating with sign distance functions in both 2D and 3D, this book offers a clear explanation of procedural shapes using mathematics.

This book covers essential topics for shader development in Unity, including polynomial and trigonometric functions, implemented with HLSL and Shader Graph to create shapes and figures in both 2D and 3D. We’ll explore Signed Distance Functions (SDF) for representing objects like stars and cubes and learn ray marching for 3D compositions. Get ready to unlock your creative potential and elevate your Unity projects!

1. Polynomial functions.
  • Introduction to linear and exponential functions.
  • Exploration of the concept of origin points and connecting lines between points.
  • Implementation of polynomial functions in HLSL with Shader Graph to draw shapes.
2. Trigonometric functions.
  • Review of basic trigonometric functions.
  • Understanding point reflection and two-dimensional rotation.
  • Integration of trigonometric functions in HLSL with Shader Graph to draw shapes.
3. Drawing with functions. (In Construction)
  • Using mathematical functions to creatively create two-dimensional figures.
  • Drawing a procedural sword and a shuriken using Shader Graph.
  • Implementation of filters to enhance the resolution of generated figures.
4. Analysis of 2D SDF. (In Construction)
  • Exploration of the basic structure for developing a 2D SDF.
  • Analysis of the SDF representation of a star and a cube in HLSL with Shader Graph.
5. Analysis of 3D SDF. (In Construction)
  • Exploration of the basic structure for developing a 3D SDF.
  • Details on the ray marching technique in HLSL with Shader Graph.
  • Creation of three-dimensional compositions using SDF shapes.
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